Property management

Beita real estate proud to introduce our property management department.

For the first time, we enable all of our customers to benefit from our property management service as well


?What it means

  • Your rental is guaranteed every month, without looking for tenants and without paying brokerage.
  • Full and ongoing maintenance of the property, ordering and supervising of professionals, 24/7 service to tenants and immediate response to problems in the rented property.
  • Maintaining and renovating the property on an ongoing basis, making color corrections, replacing damaged systems and more
  • Furniture & Interior design to every property
  • Updated monthly reports to view asset performance and current online updates
  • Working in a common earnings model with guaranteed rents, ie the risk is on us and the extra yield is to be share!

?How It Works

  • A visit to the property and an evaluation – an expert on our behalf will arrive at the property and evaluate the condition of the property
  • Transfer of an Affordable Offer – You will be offered a proposal which will include: renovation of the property (as required), furniture and architectural design, and guaranteed rent.
  • The signing of an agreement and the beginning of the renovation – immediately after the signing of the agreement, the Company will renovate and design the property in accordance with the expert's opinion, in order to realize its full revenue potential
  • Renting the property and managing it – the property will be leased and operated with full transparency and all reports are delivered directly to you

?Why to do it and who does it fit

  • Significant time savings and problems solving – Asset management is a complex thing that requires an investment of time and money to maximize the potential income of the property. We work 24/7 and invest all our efforts in order to enable the tenants to have an excellent housing that is worthy to pay a high rent from the market
  • Property management can be expensive and even dangerous – our company has lawyers, professionals and marketing systems that have been specializing in the rental industry for many years. We know how to protect you interest and keep your property in excellent condition, with good tenants and great yields over time.
  • Increasing your income while minimizing risk – our model is based on the sharing of profits with an obligation to rent, ie you have the ability to realize the full income potential of the property and improve it without endangering either the property or the monthly income from it.
  • The availability of the property to you – we know you and your family might be arriving from time to time and might would like to stay in your apartment. we keep the property always available for your staying (we just need an advance notice).

?How much does it cost

Our asset management works in the revenue share model, with a commitment to rent for the property owners.

This means that we will pay the rent, an amount estimated by the expert (even if the apartment is vacant all year round) and if we managed to rent the property for more than the guaranteed rent we divide the profits.

The way the profits are divided is according to the type of the asset and its condition.

Monthly rent for the owner before: 3,200

Monthly rent for the owner after: 5,300

Monthly rent for the owner before: 3,200

Monthly rent for the owner after: 5,300