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Everything you need to know about Tama 38 (new construction / reinforcing)

Tama 38 Guide What is it | Terms you should know | Getting started |Time table

How to start a Tama Project

A successful Tama project is first of all based on the cooperation between the tenants & the developer
Thats why we think that knowing the following will assist you with being more prepared making your first steps 

Collect all residents and have a meeting

We recommend that before taking any step with Tama project in your building, the first stage is to collect all residents and have a meeting to discuss the possibility. The meeting target is not to obligate any resident to act in favor or agains Tama, it's sole purpose it to appoint a number of residents (we suggest no more than 3) to lead the Tama project and will start the procedure with a number of developers.


A. We recommend asking the residents which kind of Tama they prefer (new construction / reinforcing)

B. Try to understand the number of residents who are against any type of Tama Project (we recommend not to confront with them, the developer has the knowledge and ability to do that better)

C. Try to write resident's special question and requirements, things the developer will be happy to know before meeting all residents.

D. Try to agree with the residents on how and when the selected residents will report the others on their progress

The selected resident's first meeting with developer

Before having your first meeting with a developer try to gather as many details as you can about your project (mostly what we mention above).

Usually the developer will check the project craterias and will know to advise the right (and possible) type of Tama project (Tama project of any kind cannot be executed on any building), the developer will present the company and  a first conceptual plan for the project.

Residents meet the developer

We recommend the developer & residents first meeting will be as small as possible, no more than 8 residents in total that way we allow all residents feel more comfortable to ask question and receiving answers. The meeting will take place in the building or in the developer offices, the developer will introduce the company and the building firs plans. 

Gathering a general meeting of residents

At this point you will gather all residents again, elect the resident's representers for the Tama project, they will mainly be responsible for choosing the resident's lawyer.

Notice: the residents are not paying for their lawyer.

The contractual stage

Mostly will be negotiated between the resident's lawyer to the developer. 

The permits and construction stage

The beginning of your Tama 38 project

Number of things to notice

Due to our experience in developing & constructing a residential projects in general and Tama 38 specifically
we recommend you to pay attention for some critical issues before signing any Tama 38 agreement

Check the developer building plan

Go and check if the developer planing is possible according to the municipality planing policy

Resident's lawyer, inspector & appraiser

Pay attention to who is the party allowed to choose them, the residents should be the only one who are able to do that, the developer is only paying

Collateral & Financial wealth

The developer should offer the residents collateral according to Tama 38 law & Israeli new construction law (Bank guarantees, Bank finance agreement etc.) You should also check the company financial wealth


Define schedule

You should have a define schedule before the beginning of the project, it will be divided to times & stages (permits, construction etc.)

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